Daphne's Dining & Catering

A Step Above

Good morning - breakfast specials available all day
(grits may substitute home fries)

1. Fresh mediterranean barramundi grilled in a maple cinnamon brown butter sauce with scalloped potatoes, rice or home fries and poached eggs in a cup $14.95

2. Chipped beef breakfast sourdough breadbowl- topped with chopped onions- served with home fries $13.95

3. Laurens fried green tomato & avocado benedict- avocado halves layered with green fried tomatoes on an english muffin filled with poached eggs & a diced tomato, cilantro hollandaise- served with home fries, grits or potatoes au gratin $13.95

4. Hangtown fry omelette- fried oysters with chopped scallions and bacon & pecorino romano cheese with a splash of tabasco- served with sliced tomatoes $13.95

5. Smoked whitefish salad with capers, lettuce, red onion & tomato- croissant or choice of bagel type!! Choice of home fries, beets, cottage cheese or yogurt $12.95

6. Filet mignon & crab cake benedict- on an english muffin topped with poached eggs & an old bay hollandaise – scalloped potatoes, home fries or jalapeno risotto $15.95

7. Pineapple upside down hot cakes ( buckwheat ot buttermilk)- brown sugar grilled pineapple rings with a cherry in center in our delicious golden brown hot cakes $11.95

8. Homemade crepes (3) – filled with nutella, bananas & strawberries $13.95

9. Breakfast pork burger- grilled to perfection and layered with bacon, egg & cheese (choose your egg style) on a brioche roll- scalloped potatoes, grits  or home fries $12.95

10. Momma d’s favorite breakfast sandwich- our delicious wheat bread with scrambled egg, avocado, arugula, brie spread, turkey bacon & tomato- oh yea!!!!- your choice of side $12.95

11. Grilled pesto chicken benedict- topped with pesto hollandaise $13.95

12. Banana walnut hot cakes! Buttermilk or whole grain $10.95

13. Mommas avocado toast- pumpernickel toast topped with avocado, diced tomato, crumbled feta, fresh herbs & an infused evoo – served with fruit or grits $12.95

14. Fig preserve breakfast grilled cheese- swiss & gouda on grilled pumpernickel with fig preserves, basil &  egg- choice of side ( add bacon for $1.95) $11.95

15. Heath bar hot cakes $10.95 ( buckwheat or buttermilk)

16. Greek yogurt with homemade granola bowl- piled with fresh fruit !$11.95
17. Breakfast tacos- chorizo, egg, cilantro, salsa, queso & avocado in 3 flour or corn taco shells- rice & beans, home fries, grits or scalloped $13.95

Daily Specials


Appetizer specials:

1. Mac n cheese wedges basket- served with a marinara dip $6.95
2. Breaded wings basket- (8)- with choice of buffalo or bbq dip $7.95
3. Fried green tomato basket- with pecorino sprinkle & marinara dip $7.95
4. Chili con carne- with cheddar & chopped onion cup $4.95 bowl $5.95
5. Wings, wings, wings...Try our fabulous wings!!!  Mild, medium or hot..Pesto, chili honey lime, garlic parm.....With celery and homemade bleu cheese  8 for $7.95

Lunch specials (includes soup & dessert)
1. Momma d’s oyster po boy- on a butter grilled torpedo smothered with my remoulade and chopped icerberg & romaine  & filled with 4 jumbo fresh breaded oysters!  Delicious!!! – served with jojos $13.95

2. Top round of beef french dip- house roasted top round on a garlic grilled torpedo topped with spicy onion rings & au jus dip on the $ide $13.95
3. Tortilla crusted tilapia-  an edible house made tortilla bowl filled with chopped iceberg & romaine, black beans, tomato, cilantro, fresh queso  & avocado -topped with tortilla crusted tilapia & a dollop of salsa & sour cream $14.95
4. Chicken artichoke- sauteed chicken breast in a garlic wine with mushrooms,  artichokes & spinach- over rice $13.95

5. Seared ahi tuna salad- over mixed arugula & romaine with na wasabi sauce drizzle – served with  a creamy ginger miso- topped with dried wasabi peas $15.95

6. Fresh beet salad- mixed greens topped with fresh beets, red onion, pine nuts, goat cheese & grilled chicken with our house made honey balsamic $14.95 sea scallops $17.95
7. Greek gyro- your choice of lamb/beef or grilled chicken- your choice of side $13.95
8. Grileed salmon ceasar salad with grape tomatoes & cucumbers $15.95

9. House made lamb burgers- charcoal grilled and layered with tzatiki, arugula, red onion & capers on a brioche roll- your choice of side $13.95

10. Pork burgers- layered with ham, cheddar & bbq sauce on a brioche roll- choice of side $13.95

11. Sriracha bbq chicken sandwich- with cheddar cheese & lettuce on grilled foccaccia bread- choice of side $12.95

12. Corned beef tacos (3)- with sauerkraut, cole slaw, swiss & thousand island- choice of side $14.95

13. Burrata ravioli- with marinara & crumbled italian sausage $12.95

14. Roasted turkey, pesto mayo, sliced tomato & arugula on pumpernickel- choice of side $12.95

15. Fried coconut shrimp basket – (10 pieces) with sweet potato waffle fries & sweet & sour sauce dip $13.95

Monday Create Your Own Burger
Create your own burger every monday!
¼ lb angus burger- charcoal grilled and served with fries in a basket – includes 2 toppings  only $6.99 
Peppers, onions, tomato, cheese, lettuce, red onion, mushrooms, bbq sauce, salsa, arugula, hot peppers
No substitutions

Taco Tuesday

3 soft shell tacos served with rice & beans: $13.95
Grilled southwest chicken with peppers, salsa slaw & cilantro- sour cream

Chorizo with long hots, and a chipotle salsa slaw
Fried cod with a cucumber wasabi slaw & side of salsa

Corned beef, swiss,  tacos with a stone ground mustard slaw

Triple meat (bacon, sausage, ham) with queso & cilantro salsa- sour cream on side

Chicken, onion, avocado, queso, cilantro- salsa on side
Italian sausage, queso, cilantro salsa slaw

Blackened tilapia with a cucumber wasabi  slaw

Grilled chicken, jalapeno, queso & a cucumber wasasbi salsa slaw
Buffalo chicken with a bleu cheese slaw & chopped celery

Grilled veggie tacos- mixed mushrooms, roasted peppers, red onions, zucchini, shredded carrots, brussels with a honey balsamic slaw

Turkey bacon, avocado, arugula, sour cream, salsa slaw

Cheesebuger tacos with  cheddar, onion & shredded iceberg salsa

Wednesday Pasta Special

Every Wednesday 11:00-3:00
Includes soup & garlic bread
Your choice of pasta :  only $9.95
(add house salad in place of soup for $2.00)
Gluten free pasta or ravioli : add $1.00

  • Penne chicken scampi
  • Pasta Primavera- fresh veggies with a touch of cream in a garlic romano cheese
  • Pasta with meatball (1) 
  • Wild mushroom & diced grilled chicken in a marsala wine with a touch of cream 
  • Whole wheat or potato gnocchi with marinara romano 
  • Cavatelli with broccoli- with fresh garlic-  chicken or vegetable broth 
  • Crumbled hot italian sausage with plum tomato sauce & romano cheese
  • Mussels ( 8) marinara or fra diavolo 
  • Whole wheat or potato gnocchi in a garlic wine with romano cheese 
  • Gnocchi, linguini, angel hair or rigatoni with baby clams ( 8) white wine , marinara or fra diavolo 
  • Stuffed shells parmigiana casserole 
  • Chicken alfredo over your choice of pasta 
Thursday All You Can Eat Mussels
Only $19.95
PEI Mussels & Cold Beer
Choose Soup or Salad, Favorite Pasta & Sauce, Hot Dinner Rolls or Garlic Points

Sauce Choices:
  • Fra Diavolo
  • Garlic Parsley Butter
  • Marinara
  • Pesto Wine
  • Lemon Garlic Cilantro
  • Buffalo
  • Dill Cream with Lemon Zest
  • Shallot Parsley Wine
  • Salsa Sour Cream Cilantro
Friday Fish Fry!
A variety of fish & chips, breaded shrimp, cod, and pollack with our homemade slaw