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Daphnes Catering

Breakfast/Brunch Buffet

Choose Two Mains:

Cinnamon French Toast with warmed maple syrup

Breakfast Egg Bake- Assorted Meats & cheeses or roasted vegetables & cheeses

Lemon Chicken Francaise

Eggplant Parmigiana

Italian Sausage with onions

Assorted Wraps- ( breaksfast wraps or meats & tuna/chicken salad)

Choose Two Savory:

Imported & Domestic Cheeses/ Crackers/Breads

Spring Mix salad with sundried cranberries, goat cheese, walnuts, honey balsamic

Asparagus, Cherry tomatoes, feta, warmed vinaigrette

Home Fries with peppers & onions

Quinoa Hashbrowns

Penne marinara

Vodka Rigatoni

Breakfast Meats (2)

One Sweet:

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Fruit Display

Greek yogurt & granola display

Assorted pastries & muffins

Homemade Rice Pudding parfaits

Minimum 30 ppl

$26.oo pp

Additional Selections:

Homemade Crepes with custard & fruit 3pp

Eggs benedict 3 pp

Oatmeal, caramelized apples & brown sugar 2 pp

Lox or whitefish salad with bagels & garnish 5pp

Scrambled eggs 2 pp

Turkey Bacon or sausage 2 pp

Hot Cakes 2 pp

Donuts 2 pp

Croissants 1.55 pp

all prices subject to NJ sales Tax & 23% service/gratuity

Luncheon Menu

(Served Buffet Style)



(Choice of 1)

Garden Salad

Caesar Salad

Spring Mix


(Choice of 1)

Vodka Penne

Penne in your choice of sauce:

Vodka, Alfredo, Filetto de Pomodoro, Broccoli & Garlic


(Choice of 2)

Italian Sausage with peppers & onions (touch of marinara)

Chicken: Marsala, Picatta, Francese or Parmigiana

Eggplant Rollatini

Eggplant Parmigiana

Flounder Francaise

Citrus or Marsala Salmon

Mommas Meatballs

Top Round of Beef (au jus or gravy)

All entrees served with complementing sauces, vegetable and homemade bread.

Packages include linens, room and set-up (3 hour limit).

Includes Water, Coffee, Tea


*Add Soda, Iced Tea $2 per person

*Additional Entree - $3.00 per person

*Add Desserts - $3.00 per person

Customized Packages Available Upon Request.

Prices subject to change without notice

(*+ sales tax and 23% gratuity)

Ultimate Pasta Station & Salad

$26.95 per person

Creativity Encouraged!

Each Guest Chooses Their Favorite Pasta

*Tortellini, Penne, or Angel Hair Pasta

Each Guest Chooses Their Favorite Sauce

*Marinara, Alfredo, Olive Oil with Garlic & White Wine, Vodka Sauce, or Pesto sauce

Guests Choose Their Favorite Toppings From

The Gastronomical Palette

*Sweet & Hot Italian Sausage, Basil & Herb Meatballs, Grilled Marinated Chicken and Chopped Bacon

*Pecorino Romano, Parmesan and Gorgonzola Cheese

*Fresh Chopped Basil, Parsley, Rosemary

*Chopped Garlic, Spinach, Tomatoes, Scallions, Sweet Oven Roasted Garlic,

Toasted Pine Nuts, Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Sweet Peppers,

Tender Steamed Broccoli Tips, Green Beans, Sweet Baby Peas, Green Peppers,

Zucchini, Fresh Sliced Mushrooms


Choose a salad

Traditional Mixed Green Salad

fresh field greens tossed with olives, marinated

mushrooms, cheeses, carrots, peppers

& balsamic vinaigrette

House Tossed Salad

fresh field greens tossed with fresh seasonal fruits,

toasted almonds & raspberry or honey balsamic vinaigrette


This Menu Includes:

Miniature Rolls and Artisan Bread

Add Seafood to Your Pasta Station

*Chopped Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Bay Scallops, Crabmeat

add $10 per person

Prices Subject to 23% attendant charge and sales tax

Basic Hors d’oeuvres

$13.95 per person

Choice of Five (One Hour):

Cocktail Franks

Buffalo Wings

Breaded Mushrooms

Breaded Ravioli


Mozzarella Sticks

Cheese Breaded Cauliflower

Crudités with variety of Dips

Cheese and Cracker Tray

Assorted Miniature Quiche

Breaded Zucchini Sticks

Miniature Meatballs

Chicken Fingers



Premium Hors D'oeuvres

$17.95 per person

Choice of Five (additional choices $2.00 pp):

Thai Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Lamb Sausage with Artichoke

Roasted Tomato White Bean Crostini

Blackened Catfish with Spicy Honey Sauce

Traditional Shrimp Cocktail

Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Roasted Pineapple Dipping Sauce

Seared Tuna on Won Ton Crisp with Tobiko Wasabi

Potato Latke with Spicy Apple Compote

Lollipop Lamb Chops with Sherry Mustard Dip

Wild Mushroom Tartlets with Créme Fraiche

Wild Mushroom Triangles with Fresh Herbs

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Nuoc Chon

Red Bliss Potato Cup with Ratatouille

Filet of Beef Crostini with Reduced Balsamic

Shaved Fennel & Reggiano

Roasted Poblano, Corn and Scallion Quesadillas

Smoked Duck, Butternut Squash and Dried

Cranberry Triangles

Sesame Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Smoked Chicken Salad on Belgian Endive

Drizzle Chorizo Puffs with Dijon Mustard

Crab Fritter with Banana Ketchup

Shrimp Salad in a Cucumber Cup

Tuna Ceviche in Tortilla Cup

Crab Fritter with Banana Ketchup

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